Time logger mobile app

Time logger mobile app
Project Overview

Website Feature:

Time Logger is a mobile app which is useful for companies and employee. This app will replace your punch clock, time cards, and calculator with modem approach that saves your time. Companies and employee have to register them in the app. Employee can do check-in and checkout only office Wi-Fi. Employee can manage own profile and apply for leaves and get pending leaves status. Admin can approve employee leaves, show employee wise leaves, logs and working days. Time Logger is Manage all Asset Details of company. Employee can add Reminder for check in and checkout time and other feature like show the notification about upcoming holidays and upcoming birthdays.

App Features:

  • Employees and Company login

  • Check in/out by employee

  • Employee apply for leaves

  • Get notification about holidays and birthdays

  • Manages Asset Details

Platform: Android StudioSqLite,Laravel, MySQL

Team Members: 3

Time-Duration: 30 Days

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