Wholesale Stationers Business Solution

Wholesale Stationers Business Solution
Project Overview

For the stationery business, Orders are still being placed traditionally over the call. The order taker takes the note of the order items and delivers the order. However after post delivering order item the often face that receiver denies that some items are missing or some are not as order or some different items have been delivered. Sometime someone in the system does some wrong doing, stoles the items, eventually causing loss for stationary
business owners. On the opposite site, company who is bulk ordering stationeries items also need the reporting tool which can help them to understand their fund allocation for year to year stationery purchase, or they want to log their future needs somewhere. Apple Stationers is the wholesale stationery business automation web application project that tries to resolve the problems being faced by wholesale stationery business owners and for their clients.

Team Member: 1

Time-Duration: 30 Days

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