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Time logger mobile app

Website Feature:

Time Logger is a mobile app which is useful for companies and employee. This app will replace your punch clock, time cards, and calculator with modem approach that saves your time. Companies and employee have to register them in the app. Employee can do check-in and checkout only office Wi-Fi. Employee can manage own profile and apply for....

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Wholesale Stationers Business Solution

For the stationery business, Orders are still being placed traditionally over the call. The order taker takes the note of the order items and delivers the order. However after post delivering order item the often face that receiver denies that some items are missing or some are not as order or some different items have been delivered. Sometime someone in....

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Rizwan Adatia

Rizwan is a multi language (English / Mozambique ) CMS website. It gives information about NGO activities. It allows inviting volunteers to contribute to program that deliver positive social impact and invite people with diverse interests, skills and resources and believe that the diverse inputs can work together. Person can create a campaign to get fund and can invite others through....

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Face Ma (OCR - Optical Character Recognition)

Face Ma project basically divided in two main sections.
● Mobile Application which takes care of scanning Japanese Business card and
extracting the text from the card and uploading it on the server.
● Intelligent module has been developed which automatically segregates the Business
Name, Persona Name, Contact No, Email, Address and stores into DB Office....

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