Thanks to Laravel for providing powerful, versatile, customizable and well documented Framework. It allows developers to use sophisticated syntax. It also simplifies dealing with sore spots such as validation, routing, sessions and caching.

Our experienced PHP developers are one of the early adopters of Laravel development. Our developers have hands-on experience of developing high-end web applications for different business sectors. Be it a robust business website or a feature-rich web app, we deliver customized web solutions on time to the global clientele. As a result, our team of Laravel developers has been not only happy and enjoying, but they claim to have a fulfilling experience using Laravel as their choice of PHP framework.

We have developed 40+ projects using Laravel. It is our first choice for web implementation. We never choose another framework except client wants to use their existing framework.

What makes THINK TANKER the best choice for Laravel development:

  • Dedicated Developers

  • Constant Communication with the client through the call, chat, and Skype

  • Transparent pricing and no hidden fees concept

  • Round the clock customer support

  • NDA Agreement for Complete Confidentiality

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Route Caching

The application which includes large numbers of routes are said to be more efficient and scalable. It is highly effective in bringing control and flexibility over which route should be triggered on the application.

Database Migrations

Database is a very important part of any application and to maintain database in proper synchronization between different web applications is the major job of a developer. Laravel offers efficient database synchronization between development machines.

Direct Testing

After successful implementation of any project the main core part is testing. Direct database testing is one of the best time-saving tools included in Laravel. Laravel has considered the usual mistakes that can happen while programming which makes life just a bit easier for programmers. The unit testing tool doesn’t allow any new updates made on the application to break it. Which in turn saves development time, project money, and personal stress. Excellent

Mail Services Integration

Any application requires get notification to users for any events. To do so mail services are used. Laravel framework offers a powerful and clean API using famous SwiftMailer library. It allows you to quickly get started sending mail through a local or cloud based service of your choice.