Node.js is a server-side runtime environment used to build fast and scalable applications. It is light and lets you create a web server in just a few minutes.

It is an open–source cross-platform JavaScript that helps in the development of real-time network application. It offers the developers event-driven I/O APIs and asynchronous.

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Superior Data Handling

Node.js helps us to create more effective web applications using JavaScript and it is compatible with different OS like OS X, Windows NonStop and UNIX servers. It suitable for creating scalable applications having large data exchanges. As data becomes faster and faster, new solutions are needed to ensure that bottlenecks do not form and there Node.js falls with speed and performance advantage.

Easy and Fast Coding

For faster development we always requires less coding and unified scripting language rather than an extended development cycle. Developers are able to write JavaScript server-side and client-side coding. Which results in easy to send and synchronize the data between these two points automatically, helping developers to save time.

Highly Secured

The technology provides robust, secure and reliable architecture.

Knowledge sharing

The Node.js community is user friendly, they share any packages of code. Any author can publish code or create modules in a public repository. In legal terms, there’s the MIT open source license in play, taking care of all intellectual property issues.