React Native

React Native is the next generation of React - a Javascript code library developed by Facebook and Instagram, which was released on Github in 2013. React Native puts a stop to the age old decision of developing better user experience and faster development of any application.


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Cross Platform Capability

React Native handles multiple platforms with elegance. Vast majority of React Native APIs are cross-platform, that means we write one React component and it works flawlessly on both Android and iOS, which reduces the time of implementation and cost cutting also.

Use Same code different platform app

Reuse the code, which is already written is actually a big thing in the software development. One of the great advantages to using React Native is that your mobile code can be mostly written in JavaScript. From that, you can minimize a lot of duplicate code by simply sharing logic across web and mobile versions of an application.

Reduced Development Time with HotReloading:

React Native makes developing applications for iOS and Android much faster as much as by 30%. Vast library of React components are available under open source, which makes faster implementation.

Incorporate the functionality of other native apps

The user interface developed with React Native consists of native widgets that perform flawlessly. To add Google Maps’ functionality into your app, simply download a third party plugin and then link it to a native module. Moreover, your app use the device’s functions like rotate, zoom and the compass, without any hassle.